Assembly is a coffee and tea store in Melbourne, Australia. We select an offering based on excellent quality and meaningfully sourced products. You can drink coffee and tea at Assembly, as well as find products that you love, learn about them and take them home.

We select coffees that we think are interesting and taste delicious and then carefully roast them at Bureaux Collective. You can drink our coffees in our stores as well as take beans home to brew for yourself. We also partner with other outstanding roasters from around Australia to present to you a collection of our favourite coffees. 

If you're interested in serving Assembly tea in your cafe or office, please feel free to get in touch to discuss- drop us a line at

We only choose coffees that we know about. They are products that are seasonally available and ethically traded. This means, on the farm it was grown, the people who harvested it have been treated fairly. It means that fair prices were paid to the people who grew it, in efforts to create healthy profits for all involved. It means that when it travelled to us, efforts were made to maintain its quality.