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We’re happy to present this beautiful coffee that showcases lots of small scale producers from Bruselas, a small region in Huila Southwest Colombia. This coffee really highlights the specific micro region it comes from us and we can enjoy the nuances of what that particular position on the planet has to offer. What’s so special about this is the opportunity to experience the terroir of this coffee. It’s what contributes most to the way the coffee tastes. Most of the coffee is harvested during November and December and is a combination of many different varietals. The coffee cherries are then carefully de-pulped and fermented between 20 and 36 hours. It’s fully washed and laid out to dry for 10 to 18 days before being hulled.  Colombian coffees are often recognised as rich and chocolaty with lots of flavour and big body. They’ve often got good balance and structure along with ever important acidity. This regional select from Bruselas isn’t an exception to that reputation.

Assembly is roasting it for espresso to be drunk black and also in our blend for milk drinks. 

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