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This is a washed microlot from the Shembati washing station in the commune of Butaganzwa in the province of Kayanza in northern Burundi. *takes breath* Burundi is a land-locked country less than half the size of Tasmania. It borders Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Most coffee growers in Burundi have a plot of land less than half a hectare. As well as coffee they grow bananas, beans, yams, taro and cassava for subsistence as well as sale. In general the coffee growers of Burundi do not have the resources to process cherries on their own properties so the washing station is very important. Buyers generally deal with the washing stations instead of the farmers - in contrast to Central and South America where farms are much larger and better equipped. Shembati was established by the Coffee Processing Company, a private enterprise established to improve the lives of smallholder producers in Kayanza and Cibitoke. This coffee is roasted for filter.

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