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Our decaffeinated coffee comes from Nariño in Western Colombia. It is processed with ethyl acetate (extracted from sugar cane). The process involves wetting and heating regular green (unroasted) coffee beans and soaking them in a liquid solvent before rinsing with water. This removes about 96% of the caffeine from the coffee beans. After that everything proceeds as per usual. This coffee is sweet and creamy with a fair bit of acidity. Expect tropical fruits in the cup with enough dry distillation (chocholate, nuts etc) flavours to make to stick through milk. Makes a bright espresso base. When prepared with a filter method the acid which is very present in the espresso is not so present. This gentle beverage has a soft, buttery body, low/medium acidity, subtle red fruit with brown spice and cocoa in the finish. Other coffee decaffeination methods involve different solvents and remove slightly different levels of caffeine. Hot water strips about 94%, methyl chloride 96% and high-high-pressure carbon dioxide can remove up to 98% of caffeine from green coffee.

This coffee is roasted for black espresso.

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