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As the name suggests, this coffee is designed to taste great as a drink with milk in it. The aim is to appreciate the natural characteristics of the coffees that make up the blend, but to also have a great ingredient for a milk based drink. It tastes boozy, full bodied, ripe and decadent! It’s always evolving, as the components change, dependent on what is seasonally available (and tasting great). Currently this is a blend of two different coffees. The first comes from El Salvador and is called La Aguila.

The second is a coffee from Papua New Guinea, from a farm called Solwarra. By tailoring our coffee choices for the drinks that they become we are able present each drink in the best light possible. It is so well suited to milk. La Aguila provides a great chocolate and creamy nut base for the blend, while Solwarra gives it the boozy fermented fruits, as well as some soft florals and a full body and big character. Uncompromised and yum!

We recommend this coffee for Espresso and stove top.

Roasted by Assembly in Melbourne

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