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The Gikanda Farmers Cooperative society comprises 1045 members and three washing stations (also called wet mills or factories) in the Mathira West District of Nyeri. Gichathaini is the name of one of these stations. As is common in East Africa, numerous small-hold farmers deliver their cherries to a mill to be processed before heading to auction and export. As the name suggests, the members of the co-op own the factories. The contributing members also decide who should manage the factory. This is a washed coffee roasted by our friends at Brunswick-based Wood & Co.We recommend this coffee for filter brewing.Kenyan coffee production is going to be up in the marketing year ’17/'18 compared to ’16/'17 as the country recovers from a drought. Kenya produces less than one per cent of the world’s coffee. It is a challenge to keep production high as farmers are subject to a litany of challenges including encroaching development as cities start to sprawl (an issue for large plantations) and professional coffee theft (which is an issue for our small-holders) not to mention erratic weather conditions. Challenges aside, I’m really happy to see this fruity number the shelf. Drink up!

Roasted in Melbourne by Wood & Co

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