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As with much of the coffee we buy from Africa, this coffee comes from multiple small-hold farmers. The washing station Kii is part of the Rung’eto Farmer’s Co-operative Society. Kii is one of three mills owned by RFCS. Rung’eto was established in 1953 in Kirinyaga East district on the Southern slopes of Mount Kenya. Kenyan law states that all farmers owning less than five acres (small-hold farmers) must be part of a co-op. 1,214 farmers contribute to this coffee! They average 400 coffee trees spread over 1/3 of a hectare. Coffee cherry is delivered to the Kii wet mill the same day it is picked. As of 2006, 75% of Kenyans work in the agricultural sector (Library of Congress Federal Research Division, 2007), down 5% from 1980. The Kikuyu people, Kenya’s ethnic majority, live on the Southern slopes of Mt Kenya and the surrounding areas. In the late ‘70s New Gatanga Sound, a popular Kikuyu band, caused many Kenyan shillings to be poured into jukeboxes with their hit folk/pop tune Thoni Ni Ciaki. “Love is sweet,” bandleader Joseph Wamumbe croons, “but love is also unpredictable…”

We recommend this coffee for filter brewing.

Roasted in Melbourne by Wood & Co

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