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Traded through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange this coffee is the product of a large community of coffee workers. This is the product of many farmers in the Sidamo region of Southern Ethiopia. A 2004 source estimates fifteen million Ethiopians depend on some aspect of coffee production for their livelihoods. From 2005 until now Ethiopia has “experienced double-digit economic growth, averaging 10.8%”. The East African Business Week reported in January this year that the government intends to raise coffee export levels by 45% for 2016. In 2014 the coffee sector accounted for almost half of GDP as well as 84% of exports and 80% of total employment (World Bank). From these figures it can feasibly be inferred that the number of people who depend on coffee has risen over the twelve years since 2004. A Trade Ministry spokesperson pointed to a government collaboration with USAID to improve many aspects of small-holder coffee including traceability of coffee through the ECX. We look forward to enjoying these benefits in the years to come.  

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