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This is a washed coffee from a micro-region within the Gedeo Zone of Yirgacheffe in south-central Ethiopia. Konga takes its name from the local tribe, the Konga Sede. This is a washed coffee consisting of many heirloom Yirgacheffe varietals dried on raised beds. Expect stone-fruit, a delicate floral tending toward jasmine, some milk chocolate and a biscuity finish. A nice, clean profile with medium-high acidity. Works well as iced filter. This lot of coffee is the work of 5,000 farmers and ten mills and comes to us from Cafe Imports via the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX).Exchange (ECX). The ECX is very good at making prompt payments to farmers but is less good at traceability. The ECX categorises coffee into eighty-one grades, information which includes region, processing, flavour and defect count. No further details are available for coffees traded through the ECX. Greater traceability can be achieved by trading directly with a farmer or a mill.

This coffee is roasted for filter by Assembly. If you add milk it would be quite mild. 

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