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This is a washed microlot from the Mutsinda washing station in the Kayanza region of Burundi. Burundi is a land-locked country less than half the size of Tasmania. It borders Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This coffee is sweet and fruit-focussed. Expect tropical fruits, a big citrus element, sweet floral and caramel to balance. It comes to us via Cafe Imports who have been developing their knowledge of and relationship with Burundi since 2006. Coffees purchased in Burundi incur extra risk as they are sold Free-are sold Free-On-Truck (FOT) which means the ownership transfers to the importer before it has even arrived at the port from which it is going to ship. Coffees can spend a week in transit, travelling through as many as three countries on its way from mill to port before they are loaded into containers, inspected and shipped across the world. Burundi’s coffee industry is microlot almost by default, as coffees are contributed from many small-hold farmers to mills. The region from which Mutsinda comes has twenty-one mills

This coffee is roasted for ESPRESSO by Assembly. If you add milk it would be quite mild. 

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