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Elver Tulande is a coffee farmer from Cauca (“Cow-ka”), Colombia. This coffee is roasted for black espresso but can be enjoyed with milk. Expect sweet hazelnut, malt and chocolate. Medium citrus acidity with an interesting spice note along the lines of nutmeg. Makes a nice malty latte. A couple of years of disrupted weather has caused some problems with the Colombian coffee harvest, delaying this typically May-June crop to July-September. The coffees have mostly shipped now and are tasting good on arrival. This lot comes comes to us from Cafe Imports and is part of their Regional Select programme. The programme is a way Cafe Imports can further support farmers by buying more coffee from their farms. Often Regional Select coffees are blended from a small area of a region incorporating coffee from a handful of producers. This coffee is slightly different, being a single-farmer lot. Cauca is in the highlands of inner Western Colombia. Like Nariño and Huila Cauca is known for its acid and florals due to the elevation of the farms. 

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