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Fazenda Espigão is located in the Brazilian coffee growing region Cerrado Mineiro. This coffee is grown between 800 and 1300 metres and naturally (dry) processed. Generally a coffee like this would comprise part of a blend - the other part being some kind of “interesting” coffee (read: more acidic) to “balance” the flavour of the blend out. For instance, our coffee for milk drinks is a blend of a natural Brazil and a washed Peruvian. The milk chocolate comes from the Brazil and the acids and fruit from the Peruvian. This is the general approach. For this coffee we wanted to present a low-acid, easy-drinking, chocolate and nut profile. Something which is not going to raise eyebrows around the breakfast table. Something which you’re not going to stress about having with milk, if that’s what you want. These old, unfriendly, high-brow, coffee-with-milk-is-a-sin ideas which inexperienced baristas (me 18-23 years old) did a good job of spreading throughout the public. The time has long been nigh for these ideas to disappear and with this coffee we present another nail in the coffin of the old frame of mind.

This coffee is roasted for filter.

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