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Solwara is a coffee processing mill in the Eastern highlands province of Papua New Guinea. It’s about a mile from the town Kainantu. The owner, Mr Fero Yasona named the mill Solwara, or “Tok Pidgin” meaning “salt water” in the native language. He has big ambitions of buying coffee across PNG from coast to coast. Mr Yasona is considered a big name in the coffee industry in PNG and has been working with coffee producers for many years.Most of the coffee that makes up Solwara comes from five plantations that surround the mill, about 200 farmers. It’s a typical PNG village, where families produce a variety of other crops to be sold at road side markets. Generally the younger members of the families move to larger cities and the older generation tends to the gardens and crops. The coffee is grown under shade protection. Its then hand-picked and pulped on the same day. Coffee is then fully washed using clean water from streams in the area. 

We think this coffee tastes best brewed for filter.

Roasted by Assembly in Melbourne

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