That's a wrap..

That's a wrap for our Collingwood store- we finish up in Robert street at the end of this week (Friday 4th August). We're sad to leave such the neighbourhood, but we've been working hard on a VERY exciting new project... stay tuned for details of our new venue happening soon! A heartfelt thankyou to all our lovely customers who spent time in our beautiful space, it means a great deal to us. Thankyou also to Sacha Hickinbotham who helped design such a great store. Finally, to Ollie Mackay who created such a great home for Assembly, each day in Collingwood. 


The season is upon us again and we shall be shutting up shop for a bit of a break. Both shop hours can be seen below. Online orders placed after the 22nd of December will be dispatched on the 4th of January. We appreciate your understanding during the festive season. 



Last day 23rd Dec

Reopen 4th Jan



Last day 22nd Dec

Reopen 10th Jan


Feel free to get in touch with us at if you have any questions. 


Merry Christmas!






We had an awesome turn out to the Roasters District Meet, in both Melbourne and Sydney. 

Firstly huge thank you to: 

  • Heath Cater and Coffee Supreme for hosting and supporting this event in Melbourne. The Abbotsford Club were absolute legends to let us take over their space for the night. 
  • Daniel Astorquiz and coffee supreme for the excellent poster and graphic design
  • Paul, Cam, Sam, Stacy & Tuli @ Mecca for hosting and supporting this event in their new cafe space in Sydney.
  • Luke and Jackson at Sunmoth for getting us beer (at the very last minute)
  • The Assembly crew, Zach and Kiri for making espresso happen in Melbourne. The lovely Emily for running the bar
  • Mitch, Kobi and Hugh for making espresso happen in Sydney.


  • Coffee A - Seven Seeds, Colombia, Matambo 18 grams in, 50 grams out, 26 seconds
  • Coffee B - Market Lane, Ethiopia, Biftu - 18 grams in, 40 grams out, 27 seconds
  • Coffee C - Small Batch, Colombia, Palestina (the crowd favourite) - 18 gram in, 50 grams out, 27 seconds
  • Coffee D - Coffee Supreme, Burundi Shembati - 18 grams in, 40 grams out, 31 seconds


  • Coffee A - Mecca, Ethiopia, Dumerso - 18 grams in, 50 grams out, 26 seconds
  • Coffee B - Barrio, Ethiopia, Chelbessa - 18 grams in, 60 grams out, 23 seconds
  • Coffee C - Sample, Rwanda, Nyamasheke - 18 grams in, 60 grams out, 31 seconds
  • Coffee D-  Reuben Hills, Ethiopia, Shebel Fana (the crowd favourite) - 18 grams in, 60 grams out, 24 seconds



Tasting espressos from lots of different roasters, side by side isn't something we often get the opportunity to do. So Assembly has decided to bring some of this countries best roasters under one roof  - in the noble pursuit of espresso comparison! Roasters have been invited to put forward what they consider to be their best coffee for espresso, drunk without milk. On the day, Assembly will present each espresso for everyone to taste (NSW roasters will be brewed in Sydney, and VIC roasters in Melbourne). We think it's important to continue questioning everything - What do we like in an espresso? What tastes good? How do we achieve that? What can we improve? What could we learn from each other?

This really will be a social, no-ego-allowed event. We hope there will be lots of open discussion and open minds. We also hope there will be beers drunk and ping pong played. It's going to be fun! If you work in coffee, you should really be there. If you are interested in coffee, you should be there too!

Thanks to all the roasters who have gotten on board - Sample, Small Batch, Reuben Hills, Seven Seeds, Supreme, Market Lane, Mecca and Barrio. 

Massive thankyou to Heath Cater & Coffee Supreme Melbourne and Mecca Sydney for hosting us and facilitating the meet. 


Thursday 23rd April / Hosted by Coffee Supreme / Address: 28 Grosvenor St Abbotsford 3067 / Time: 6pm


Thursday 30th April / Hosted by Mecca Roastworks / Address: 26 Bourke Road Alexandria 2015 / Time: 6pm


Summer holiday in Brisbane

This week Assembly is taking residency at our favourite store in Brisbane, as we head on a Summer holiday. We'll be setting up the mini Assembly at Künstler, Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley. Melbournians need not fear, we'll also be operating as usual in Carlton.  

This is how it's going to roll:


Friday @ 2:00 - We're hosting a cupping some of Assembly's favourite coffees @ Cup coffee roastery (43 Balaclava st, Woolloongabba). Coffees on the table from Seven Seeds, Small Batch, Reuben Hills, Mecca, The Single Guys, Market Lane, Coffee Supreme & more.


Sat & Sunday 9:00-4:00 - We're brewing delicious filter coffee in Winn Lane. There will also be doughnuts from Gramercy, burgers from Ben's Burgers, and reading library from Künstler. Coffees we're brewing will be from Small Batch, Mecca & The Single Guys.


We will be brining a selection of retail coffee, brewing equipment & some ceramic cups by Shiko Pottery.

We hope you can come down and say Hi! It's bound to be a good ol' time.



Assembly at Paramount Coffee Project


Assembly is heading to Sydney for a brief, yet exciting residency at Paramount Coffee Project! We’ll be running the coffee and tea side of things on Wednesday 24th September. The team behind the coffee bar at PCP will be using our recipe to make espresso, our way. We’ll also be kicking it on the slow bar, with more info to be released about of coffee and tea selections and how we’ll be curating the menu. Details about what coffees we are bringing with us are just around the corner.

We’ll be bringing some great teas as also. There’ll be opportunity to taste our favourites from various origins, lovely contrasting and interesting styles of processing, as well as brewing preparations. We’ll be serving quick rinses of some teas, multiple infusions of others, and 44 hour cold brewed served over ice. It's all very delicious and you'll be able to pick up some tea etc to take home and make yourself too. 

Basically, we’ll be bringing our A game with us to Sydney, and can’t wait to show you what it is that we do best at Assembly.

Big thanks to PCP for inviting us to their house. We’re really excited, and that’s because we’ve always really admired the concept and the way the store runs. It’s helping to diversify our coffee community, and we love the sense of openness and inclusiveness. Cheers for having us as part of it.

See you soon Sydney! xx


Our first public tea tasting

Come drink tea with us! We're opening our tea cupping to the public for the first time. It's an exciting time for the appreciation of nuance and depth of great tea. Quality tea truly deserves the same attention that we pay to the process and experience of coffee, or dining. We've been working on a tea offering that showcases a range of processes, styles and origins. With some lovely recent additions and seasonal evolution to our selection, we invite you to come and experience it with us here. As well as the historical and cultural significance of tea, there's also an opportunity to asses quality. We'd like to acknowledge the largely forgotten importance of tea preparation and extraction.

On the cupping table there'll be tea from China, Japan, Taiwan, India and Burma.

There'll be a variety of processes to taste, including white, green, oolong and black tea.

Whether you're passionate about tea, or coffee, or food, this is a chance to appreciate taste. If you're not sure if this sort of event is valuable to you, have a read of the James Hoffman piece "How to progress in the coffee industry"  We hope that we can continually be part of more honest conversations and discussions with other people. Everyone is welcome.

When: Monday 19th May

Where: Assembly, 60 Pelham st, Carlton Melbourne






"Tasting Things Together" with Grown & Gathered



We've been working on a collaboration with Matt and Lentil from Grown & Gathered! I chatted with the pair as we tasted coffee, and talked about the importance of quality, flavour and discussed how we could share what we love with our customers. We wanted to talk about how much goes into growing produce and how much better everything is, when it's grown in a meaningful way. Most of us don't get to taste how wonderful an amazing tomato can taste, or how incredibly vibrant a leaf of amaranth can smell.

So, we've been working on a tasting map. It's an opportunity to taste, smell and cup flowers, fruits, veg, herbs and coffees side by side. We've collected and paired flavours that are interesting to experience together in a logical order mapped out by us.  These may act as associations that translate to coffee, they might promote your awareness of what you are smelling and tasting, or they might just be purely interesting. Each smell and taste may highlight something special in each coffee.

The event kicks off at 2:00pm on Saturday 29th March at Assembly, in our filter room, 60 Pelham St Carlton.

Spaces are very limited, and tickets are $15.00 each. They can only be purchased here

Photograph by Hillary Walker


Public coffee cupping, every week

Each Thursday at 2:00pm we'll be cupping here in our Filter room, 60 Pelham st, Carlton, and you're invited! I'd really like to stress that all are welcome to join us. Even if you've never cupped coffee before, if you're interested in learning more about coffee, or just want to dip your toe in, thats fine! For those who haven't been part of this kind of tasting before;

Cupping is a universal way to taste coffee. The procedure is standardised, so that whether you're cupping in Guatemala, Ethiopia, London or Melbourne, we're all tasting the same thing. We control the variables, to have an accurate representation of each coffee. The cupping process begins with a dry aroma assessment (as soon as the coffee is ground), followed by a wet aroma (when we immerse it in water and break the crust), and then when the coffee has cooled (after about 14 minutes), we begin to taste, by slurping it up with a spoon. The flavours change and develop as the coffee cools. Its a wonderful ceremony to be a part of!

If you're from a cafe, this is a great platform to come and taste some wonderful coffees, side by side. It could help you choose the next coffee for your filter bar, or introduce you to new roasters that you might not be familiar with.

If you're a roaster, or you've been overseas, interstate, or you've just got your hands on some exciting coffee, bring it along to share! We love tasting new coffees, and its a great opportunity to cup a number of different roasting styles and origins on one table.

If you're interested in hosting or facilitating a cupping at Assembly, get in touch. We really like new ideas, and are open to anything that is about quality coffee.



Hello Juan Ticona, Bye Bye Kochere

We are nearly at the two week mark and are bidding farewell to the Yirgacheffe Kochere from Reuben Hills. It's been a real stunner as filter and has translated so well as espresso, black and with milk. Where we might have sacrificed mouthfeel by grinding on the EK and pulling long-ish yields, however we really feel we have made up for that with flavour and clarity. Jasmine floral, super sweet, honeysuckle, tangelo juicincss. We really echo Reuben Hills' sentiment of "easily our most enjoyable coffee of 2013" as filter, and espresso so far in 2014. But there is a lot more of 2014 to come.

Bolivia Juan Ticona is up next as the focus for espresso. Ticona has isolated his farm lots into micro selections, based on varietal. We will have his Peaberry lot. Ticona has been producing coffee for 50 years, and now, in his 70s, his 5 kids are involved in production. Their farm covers 10 hectares of land, half of which are dedicated to forest reserve. Ticona doesn't use any chemicals in his farming, and has used his experience in producing coffee to develop environmentally sustainable methods. He shares this knowledge with other local farmers in the area. The farm is so remote, with the closest major city of La Paz being 200kms away, that small hold farmers in the area have banded together to transport their coffee for processing.

Come and have a taste!


The official launch of our espresso journey

We're pretty excited about espresso kicking off here, so we thought we'd throw a bit of a party to celebrate. We've just opened the Assembly sister store a few days ago, and it's now operating alongside our first love, filter. The party will be this Friday 28th February from 6:30-8:30 at our place, 60 + 62 Pelham street Carlton. There will be a footpath BBQ, as well as drinks.

We hope you can come along. xx



Espresso at Assembly

Espresso at Assembly We’re happy and excited to announce that Assembly is growing! We’ve secured the space next door to our current store and have been busily preparing to expand into it. Continuing our same focus on origin and quality, we’ll be showcasing some wonderful coffees, brewed for espresso.

We will be serving all single estate coffees, so that you’ll really be able to really identify each different coffee, it’s flavour and origin.  There won’t be any house blend or any blended coffees. We’ll be carefully selecting the best possible coffees that work beautifully with or without milk, from whoever we feel is roasting the best seasonal coffees at the time. We’ll be kicking off our offering with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kochere roasted by Reuben Hills in Sydeny, and it will be featured both in no. 62 for espresso and no. 60 for filter.

We’ll be grinding all our coffee, filter and espresso using EK grinders. The testing we’ve done has shown the greatest flavour clarity and we’re really happy with the results. As per our mission statement, we’ll be continuing to tirelessly question what tastes best, and how we can better our coffee brewing and sourcing.

Filter, retail and tea will continue to be our dedicated focus at no. 60 Pelham street, Carlton. We’ll continue to explore and present the best possible filter and tea and bring you a great range of home brewing equipment. Dedicated cupping facilities will be available all the time, so you can compare different coffees and teas any time with us. Events, educational sessions and expert talks will be hosted regularly in the space. We will be focused on supporting cafes make choices for their filter offerings, and find the right equipment for their own store.

We’re really excited for what we’ve got in store for espresso, filter and tea at Assembly this year. Can’t wait to reveal it all on the 19th Feb, 2014.


WORKSHOP COFFEE - availability & public cupping


Coming soon to Assembly will be two coffees from London's Workshop Coffee: Kenya Gichathaini AA

Kenya Thunguri AA


We were motivated to offer these coffees after getting a chance to cup them a couple of months ago. Offering these coffees provides an exciting perspective  on green coffee as well as roast profile. You can read more about these coffees at Workshop or  Nordic Approach.



We will host a public cupping on Thursday 10th October at 7pm for these coffees as well as some other samples from Workshop & other roasters. Stay tuned for an announcement for details. We encourage anyone interested in attending, even if it is your first time cupping. Coffee will be purchasable on the night and will be the first opportunity to buy these two coffees.


Tickets will be $14 and will include 50g of both the Thunguri and Gichathaini. There will be limited spots available at the cupping. To ensure your spot please head to our online store or click here. If you purchase a spot and are unable to make it please send us an email at and we will put some coffee aside for you to pickup.



DATE: Thursday 10th Oct (THIS THURSDAY!)

TIME: 6:45pm for 7pm


COST: $14 (inc 100g Workshop coffee)




Brew Class #1 success!


Thankyou to everyone who came along to our first Brew Class, here at Assembly in Carlton. It was a full house and we hope everyone enjoyed it. Big thankyou to Joseph Liu for hosting the class and sharing your recipes with us. It was great to discuss how and why variables effect the end product: Water temperature, grind and the impact of human elements. We talked about using hand grinders, and what you can do to get great results at home. Thankyou to Aaron Lee, talented photographer, for capturing the evening! Big thanks to Joe Hubbard for helping us out on the night (and hand grinding lots of coffee).

We're really excited about more classes to come, where there will be lots of great conversations and sharing of information. Please stay tuned for the announcement of our Brew Class #2! If you'd like to stay in the loop, send an email to


BREW CLASS - Aeropress at home, with Joseph Liu

Brew Class 001 Joseph Liu

// THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL. NEXT MONTHS CLASS TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY // We're excited to announce our first Brew Class at Assembly! We'll be hosting a series of classes, each focussing on a specific brew method, discussion or topic.

Our first interactive workshop will be hosted by the charming Joseph Liu, who was recently crowned the Victorian Aeropress Champion. He impressed and shocked onlookers, using a hand held grinder, and brewing at lower temperatures. The results spoke for themselves! Joseph is an ardent student of coffee, who is also a high school teacher of Chemistry. Joseph is the perfect teacher when it comes to getting excellent results making coffee; using Aeropress at home.

On the night, Joseph will walk through two different Aeropress methods and share his recipes, while discussing the "How" and "Why" of brewing. Attendees will get to taste the results, and enjoy Joseph's delicious coffee. The class promises to be relevant and interesting for first time brewers and seasoned professionals alike.

Details are:



Kalita at Assembly

Assembly is excited to be selling a selection of Kalita products, online and in store! Alongside Hario V60, we've been brewing a whole lot of coffee using our new Kalita wave drippers. And we're really loving the results. We've found that we have been getting good results from grinding courser than we do for V60, to work with the increased resistance that comes from the smaller holes at the base. Wave drippers have a wider base too, which allows for a flatter coffee bed that we've found is suited to a larger dose (and therefore more water as well). In general, it seems like a more forgiving way to brew pour over. Wave dripper options include ceramic (which holds heat well), stainless steel (which heats quickly) and glass (which provides the flat, only non-ribbed walls). We also have the beautiful Wave drip pots which aren't dissimilar to Chemex for brewing. We've got wave filters in brown and white too. Also, very excited to have the beautiful copper precision pouring kettle which is 0.6 litres and probably my favourite pourer yet. It has a restricted flow rate.

For inspiration on how to make a great pour over with a Wave dripper, check out the Nick Cho of Wrecking Ball/Kalita USA video. These very videos inspired us to learn more about, and stock Kalita Wave!



hello wide world of the web

Our website has launched today! Great work from our pals at The Hungry Workshop, who did an amazing job helping us launch it, and are responsible for all our graphic design ( You can now purchase selections of our favourite teas, coffees and brewing equipment online. We sell our coffee in 50 gram, 100 gram and 200 gram reusable containers (which you welcome to send or bring back for refills). We've chosen these containers so you can choose few different items to try and importantly, so that if you don't drink a lot of coffee, you can buy small amounts and always have the freshest beans possible.  With your coffee or tea, you'll get the story of each product, so you can read about where each has come from, how it was processed, why it was chosen by us and our tasting notes.

You can subscribe to our "coffee fellowship" for either espresso or filter roasts, and we will send you coffee (whole or ground) from a variety of artisan Australian roasters, sourcing beautiful coffee, in a meaningful way. With the fellowship, you'll be sent a couple of different coffees each delivery, so you can try a variety of coffee producers, origins and flavours. Our selection of coffees is always changing, and we carefully choose each, based on our criteria for coffee at Assembly.

Also feel free to access our brewing guides, keep updated on any workshops or events Assembly is hosting, plus check out this here blog for news and interesting findings.

Hope you enjoy!


Our first week


We've had a great first week here at Assembly! Thanks to everyone that have come in to visit. With the World Barista Championships on last weekend, there were heaps of coffee enthusiasts in town and it was great to meet so many out of town visitors to Melbourne. On the coffee front, we are really enjoying the Omar Collazos from Colombia as pour over, and drinking lots of Golden Wuyi tea from China. Great to have so many beautiful suppliers to work with and talk with, who are doing great trade with top quality producers.