hello wide world of the web

Our website has launched today! Great work from our pals at The Hungry Workshop, who did an amazing job helping us launch it, and are responsible for all our graphic design ( You can now purchase selections of our favourite teas, coffees and brewing equipment online. We sell our coffee in 50 gram, 100 gram and 200 gram reusable containers (which you welcome to send or bring back for refills). We've chosen these containers so you can choose few different items to try and importantly, so that if you don't drink a lot of coffee, you can buy small amounts and always have the freshest beans possible.  With your coffee or tea, you'll get the story of each product, so you can read about where each has come from, how it was processed, why it was chosen by us and our tasting notes.

You can subscribe to our "coffee fellowship" for either espresso or filter roasts, and we will send you coffee (whole or ground) from a variety of artisan Australian roasters, sourcing beautiful coffee, in a meaningful way. With the fellowship, you'll be sent a couple of different coffees each delivery, so you can try a variety of coffee producers, origins and flavours. Our selection of coffees is always changing, and we carefully choose each, based on our criteria for coffee at Assembly.

Also feel free to access our brewing guides, keep updated on any workshops or events Assembly is hosting, plus check out this here blog for news and interesting findings.

Hope you enjoy!