Espresso at Assembly

Espresso at Assembly We’re happy and excited to announce that Assembly is growing! We’ve secured the space next door to our current store and have been busily preparing to expand into it. Continuing our same focus on origin and quality, we’ll be showcasing some wonderful coffees, brewed for espresso.

We will be serving all single estate coffees, so that you’ll really be able to really identify each different coffee, it’s flavour and origin.  There won’t be any house blend or any blended coffees. We’ll be carefully selecting the best possible coffees that work beautifully with or without milk, from whoever we feel is roasting the best seasonal coffees at the time. We’ll be kicking off our offering with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kochere roasted by Reuben Hills in Sydeny, and it will be featured both in no. 62 for espresso and no. 60 for filter.

We’ll be grinding all our coffee, filter and espresso using EK grinders. The testing we’ve done has shown the greatest flavour clarity and we’re really happy with the results. As per our mission statement, we’ll be continuing to tirelessly question what tastes best, and how we can better our coffee brewing and sourcing.

Filter, retail and tea will continue to be our dedicated focus at no. 60 Pelham street, Carlton. We’ll continue to explore and present the best possible filter and tea and bring you a great range of home brewing equipment. Dedicated cupping facilities will be available all the time, so you can compare different coffees and teas any time with us. Events, educational sessions and expert talks will be hosted regularly in the space. We will be focused on supporting cafes make choices for their filter offerings, and find the right equipment for their own store.

We’re really excited for what we’ve got in store for espresso, filter and tea at Assembly this year. Can’t wait to reveal it all on the 19th Feb, 2014.