Hello Juan Ticona, Bye Bye Kochere

We are nearly at the two week mark and are bidding farewell to the Yirgacheffe Kochere from Reuben Hills. It's been a real stunner as filter and has translated so well as espresso, black and with milk. Where we might have sacrificed mouthfeel by grinding on the EK and pulling long-ish yields, however we really feel we have made up for that with flavour and clarity. Jasmine floral, super sweet, honeysuckle, tangelo juicincss. We really echo Reuben Hills' sentiment of "easily our most enjoyable coffee of 2013" as filter, and espresso so far in 2014. But there is a lot more of 2014 to come.

Bolivia Juan Ticona is up next as the focus for espresso. Ticona has isolated his farm lots into micro selections, based on varietal. We will have his Peaberry lot. Ticona has been producing coffee for 50 years, and now, in his 70s, his 5 kids are involved in production. Their farm covers 10 hectares of land, half of which are dedicated to forest reserve. Ticona doesn't use any chemicals in his farming, and has used his experience in producing coffee to develop environmentally sustainable methods. He shares this knowledge with other local farmers in the area. The farm is so remote, with the closest major city of La Paz being 200kms away, that small hold farmers in the area have banded together to transport their coffee for processing.

Come and have a taste!