Public coffee cupping, every week

Each Thursday at 2:00pm we'll be cupping here in our Filter room, 60 Pelham st, Carlton, and you're invited! I'd really like to stress that all are welcome to join us. Even if you've never cupped coffee before, if you're interested in learning more about coffee, or just want to dip your toe in, thats fine! For those who haven't been part of this kind of tasting before;

Cupping is a universal way to taste coffee. The procedure is standardised, so that whether you're cupping in Guatemala, Ethiopia, London or Melbourne, we're all tasting the same thing. We control the variables, to have an accurate representation of each coffee. The cupping process begins with a dry aroma assessment (as soon as the coffee is ground), followed by a wet aroma (when we immerse it in water and break the crust), and then when the coffee has cooled (after about 14 minutes), we begin to taste, by slurping it up with a spoon. The flavours change and develop as the coffee cools. Its a wonderful ceremony to be a part of!

If you're from a cafe, this is a great platform to come and taste some wonderful coffees, side by side. It could help you choose the next coffee for your filter bar, or introduce you to new roasters that you might not be familiar with.

If you're a roaster, or you've been overseas, interstate, or you've just got your hands on some exciting coffee, bring it along to share! We love tasting new coffees, and its a great opportunity to cup a number of different roasting styles and origins on one table.

If you're interested in hosting or facilitating a cupping at Assembly, get in touch. We really like new ideas, and are open to anything that is about quality coffee.