Assembly at Paramount Coffee Project


Assembly is heading to Sydney for a brief, yet exciting residency at Paramount Coffee Project! We’ll be running the coffee and tea side of things on Wednesday 24th September. The team behind the coffee bar at PCP will be using our recipe to make espresso, our way. We’ll also be kicking it on the slow bar, with more info to be released about of coffee and tea selections and how we’ll be curating the menu. Details about what coffees we are bringing with us are just around the corner.

We’ll be bringing some great teas as also. There’ll be opportunity to taste our favourites from various origins, lovely contrasting and interesting styles of processing, as well as brewing preparations. We’ll be serving quick rinses of some teas, multiple infusions of others, and 44 hour cold brewed served over ice. It's all very delicious and you'll be able to pick up some tea etc to take home and make yourself too. 

Basically, we’ll be bringing our A game with us to Sydney, and can’t wait to show you what it is that we do best at Assembly.

Big thanks to PCP for inviting us to their house. We’re really excited, and that’s because we’ve always really admired the concept and the way the store runs. It’s helping to diversify our coffee community, and we love the sense of openness and inclusiveness. Cheers for having us as part of it.

See you soon Sydney! xx