Tasting espressos from lots of different roasters, side by side isn't something we often get the opportunity to do. So Assembly has decided to bring some of this countries best roasters under one roof  - in the noble pursuit of espresso comparison! Roasters have been invited to put forward what they consider to be their best coffee for espresso, drunk without milk. On the day, Assembly will present each espresso for everyone to taste (NSW roasters will be brewed in Sydney, and VIC roasters in Melbourne). We think it's important to continue questioning everything - What do we like in an espresso? What tastes good? How do we achieve that? What can we improve? What could we learn from each other?

This really will be a social, no-ego-allowed event. We hope there will be lots of open discussion and open minds. We also hope there will be beers drunk and ping pong played. It's going to be fun! If you work in coffee, you should really be there. If you are interested in coffee, you should be there too!

Thanks to all the roasters who have gotten on board - Sample, Small Batch, Reuben Hills, Seven Seeds, Supreme, Market Lane, Mecca and Barrio. 

Massive thankyou to Heath Cater & Coffee Supreme Melbourne and Mecca Sydney for hosting us and facilitating the meet. 


Thursday 23rd April / Hosted by Coffee Supreme / Address: 28 Grosvenor St Abbotsford 3067 / Time: 6pm


Thursday 30th April / Hosted by Mecca Roastworks / Address: 26 Bourke Road Alexandria 2015 / Time: 6pm