Brew Class #1 success!


Thankyou to everyone who came along to our first Brew Class, here at Assembly in Carlton. It was a full house and we hope everyone enjoyed it. Big thankyou to Joseph Liu for hosting the class and sharing your recipes with us. It was great to discuss how and why variables effect the end product: Water temperature, grind and the impact of human elements. We talked about using hand grinders, and what you can do to get great results at home. Thankyou to Aaron Lee, talented photographer, for capturing the evening! Big thanks to Joe Hubbard for helping us out on the night (and hand grinding lots of coffee).

We're really excited about more classes to come, where there will be lots of great conversations and sharing of information. Please stay tuned for the announcement of our Brew Class #2! If you'd like to stay in the loop, send an email to


Kalita at Assembly

Assembly is excited to be selling a selection of Kalita products, online and in store! Alongside Hario V60, we've been brewing a whole lot of coffee using our new Kalita wave drippers. And we're really loving the results. We've found that we have been getting good results from grinding courser than we do for V60, to work with the increased resistance that comes from the smaller holes at the base. Wave drippers have a wider base too, which allows for a flatter coffee bed that we've found is suited to a larger dose (and therefore more water as well). In general, it seems like a more forgiving way to brew pour over. Wave dripper options include ceramic (which holds heat well), stainless steel (which heats quickly) and glass (which provides the flat, only non-ribbed walls). We also have the beautiful Wave drip pots which aren't dissimilar to Chemex for brewing. We've got wave filters in brown and white too. Also, very excited to have the beautiful copper precision pouring kettle which is 0.6 litres and probably my favourite pourer yet. It has a restricted flow rate.

For inspiration on how to make a great pour over with a Wave dripper, check out the Nick Cho of Wrecking Ball/Kalita USA video. These very videos inspired us to learn more about, and stock Kalita Wave!



Our launch party


On the 17th of May we had our launch party here at Assembly in Carlton. It was a great success, and was so lovely to have the support of all that came along. Apologies if we didn't get a chance to talk to everyone, there were moments when it was difficult to move! Hope all the tea, coffee and beer was enjoyed. Such a memorable night.