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Gyokuro is a famous and high end style of Japanese green tea that was discovered first in 1835. Unlike Sencha, it’s grown in complete shade, instead of direct sunlight. This particular tea comes from a garden in Kyoto and is grown at 150-250 meter elevation. It’s kept shaded for more than 20 days, which results higher levels of amino acids, giving it super sweetness to pair with it’s complex floral, herb, umami savouriness. Pesticides are kept to an absolute minimum in the production of this tea. It looks incredible, with a fluorescent green liquid, and smooth, buttery mouth feel. 

When brewed, the liquor is a beaufitul vivid green gold. For best results steep for 1 minute, 30 seconds at 75 degrees. Use 3.1 grams of tea for 180 mls of water.

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