Certified organically grown and processed, this Houjicha is harvested in the Autumn months. This particular Houjicha is grown in the Kyoto and Kagoshima prefectures and it is a tea that was first made popular in the 1920s. It’s crafted from parts of the tea plant (called Bancha) that are leftover from making Sencha. After it’s hand picked, it’s then roasted over charcoal, which gives it a really unique, smoky green tea flavour. The roasted tea leaves taste very different from other Japanese steamed green tea, like Sencha. Most of the caffeine is removed in this roasting process which makes it a great relaxing drink.

When brewed, the liquor is a beautiful amber- gold. For best results steep for 2 minutes at 85 degrees. Use 3.4 grams of tea for 200 mls of water.

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